9th Physics Chapter 5 Online Test


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  • Test Name : 9th Physics Chapter 5 Online Test
  • Type : MCQ’s
  • Total Questions : 10
  • Total Marks : 20
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1. Radius of earth is:


2. What is not true about g?


3. If a rocket is fired vertically with a speed of ————, it will start revolving around the earth:


4. Distance of moon from Earth is?


5. The SI unit of gravitational force is:


6. If the distance between two masses is half then the force of gravitation becomes:


7. An artificial satellite keeps on revolving around the earth in different orbits with uniform speed due to the?


8. Weight of the body of mass 10 kg on the surface of moon:


9. Gravitational force on the surface of earth is equal to


10. In System International, the value of G is:



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