9th Physics Chapter 6 Online Test


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  • Type : MCQ’s
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  • Total Marks : 20
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1. Unit of power is:


2. One Mega joule is equal to:


3. For the propagation of signals in our body ———- energy is used:


4. Rate of doing work with respect to time is known as:


5. Work is ————— quantity:


6. Which unit is equal to kgm2s-2 in the units given below:


7. For maintaining the body temperature ———— energy is used:


8. When a ball is lifted to a height ‘h’ from the ground, it will posses ——energy:


9. What will be the magnitude of work if a force of 25 N pulls a stone through a distance of 5 m in its direction:


10. 1 hp =



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