Khulasa, Iqtibas, Exercise
Chapter 11 – Qadr e Ayaz
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  1. Tauseef

    Is A is correct answer of McQ 50.

    1. Ananymous

      Yes, A is correct.

  2. Sidra

    Sir plz upload exercise of this chapter. I shall be very thankful for to you

  3. Ananymous

    Where is the tashree of iqtabas??

    1. Musa

      Hey, can you please upload the question and answers 🙏

  4. Asma

    please tashreeh bhi upload kare please

  5. Rehmana

    Please, uploaded tashreeh of iktbas.
    Thankyou you

  6. Khushbakht khan

    Ab notes load q ni hotay 🥺🙄

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