If you are looking for class 9 Urdu notes in PDF format than you are at a right place, we have prepared and uploaded here the notes which includes everything that is necessary for you to score high in you Urdu exams. Everything has been prepared according to the BISE Lahore’ paper schemes. We provide you with there, MCQs, Tashreeh and much more. The point of all of this content is to make learning and memorizing easy. Let me tell you how you can make memorizing notes easily for yourself from our website.

According to the research, to remember things we need to draw connections between them because they say our mind is a Big Associating Machine that likes to associate the new thing with the old ones. You can use this technique here on our website and can explore more information about your subject. So, keep scrolling and have a look!

Firstly, said to us that we write long Tashreeh of each stanza. so, we depressed, how we write Tashreeh in Urdu in long length. so, not worry, in our class 9 Urdu notes each stanza has Mafhoom, Tashreeh and MCQ’s. So, you can prepare easily and find the meaningful description that helps you in exams. And you will get maximum marks.

As soon as possible we would like to provide for other Board of Examinations as well. But for now for quality and availability, we as a provider sticking to just 9th class of Lahore Board. You can explore more information about your subject. And also share these notes with your class fellows. Hoping for best. Have a good day!

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  1. Muhammad Amir

    Great Prayer and service
    Please upload 9th urdu poems notes
    and 10th class islamiyat and urdu notes
    May God bless u with peace of mind

    1. Ahmad

      Sir, Chapter number 9th “Imtehaan” page number 106 and 107 missing. Please upload it..

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      plz tell to sir kindly upload 2022 urdu book plzz
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  2. Asadullah

    V nice and gifted effort,plz upload the notes of poems and hisa nasar class 9th,10th

    1. Hifza

      Yes please upload hisa nasar class 9 and 10

      1. Fatima

        Fbise Urdu book has been changed

        1. Safwam

          Now changed amd thanks for this

    2. Hafsa

      please upload yadhree of iqbal’s nazm dunya e islam

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        1. Zain

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    3. usman

      Sir are there kpk board Urdu notes

      1. Author

        These are for Federal Board.

        1. Hashir

          No, book has been changed

        2. M abdullah

          Sir have you federal board urdu notes plz?

        3. Aliya

          Assalam u alaikum I hope your app is going well they all are lying this app is amazing ,out standing ,mind blowing it helps me in every notes of any subject keep it up welldone good job

          1. Aliya

            Hi how are you

    4. Ray

      Please also post the khulasa and exercise answers

  3. Alina

    Plz upload class 9th hissa nazam. Plz

  4. Mr Noman Anwar

    As expected from the great people of Pakistan like you..
    A Great Passage for students to go through..
    Please Upload the All Other parts of it..
    Thank You!

    1. Author


      1. HUSSAIN

        Great Effort Sir, May Allah give you reward in return.

      2. Abubakar Abbasi

        Are there اقتباس کی تشریح
        If not please upload

      3. zulfiqar ali

        thanks ap log ka
        but yar new books agai hai plz oska bi notes send kardo
        plz plz
        boht need hai

  5. Waseem

    Good job Sir ……..10th k b notes upload kb kren gye ….

    1. Author

      In process.

  6. Waseem Akhter

    It’s a great effort.please upload hisa nasar Urdu.


    sir please upload ninth class of hisa nazam . THANKS

  8. Ali

    sir please upload ninth class of hisa nazam . but it is a good website

    1. Syeda Ambreen

      Respected Sir ,
      Please upload Hisa Nazam as soon as possible

    2. آصف علی خان

      براه مهربانی نویں اور دسویں کلاس کے اردو کے خلاصے سرخیوں کے ساتھ لکھیں

      1. Ammar

        I can’t find definitions

  9. Tahir Saleem

    Good work keep it up

  10. Ammarah waris

    Please upload hisa nazam and nasar ( 9 class )

  11. Bella

    I can’t find first ghazal on it.

  12. Sania

    Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. May Allah Almighty always keep u happy entire life.Kindly also try to post Chapters of Urdu 9th with possible meanings of difficult words.

  13. Mahrukh butt

    Also the chapter about Mira ghalib ki Adat o khasail ………pleaseeeeee

  14. Ali Mardan Bhatti

    Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. May Allah Almighty always keep u happy entire life.

  15. Khurram Sahotra

    Can you tell that…have you uploaded biology notes in Urdu…please tell me as soon as possible

    1. Author

      Not yet.

      1. Surriya

        This is very usefull app sir

  16. Saad

    Please upload Nazam section

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      1. Roshna gull

        Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo helpfull

  17. Hassan

    Assalam o Alaikum
    Respected sir,
    Good work done by you and the team. please guide us how to download
    Hassan Farooq

  18. Iman Tanveer

    plz upload nazam and ghazal section plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Author

      Already uploaded…

  19. soap

    new edition ka q/a nahi han

  20. hadia

    sir how can i download these notes

  21. m.umar

    click on the chp than when the pgs comes on the top right there is square type something click on that square than on top there will be sign of arrow click on that arrow

  22. M. Hashim Rasool

    Sir your website is very helpful in all subjects but please upload grammar portion here aswell such as letters, applications e.t.c.

  23. Emaan

    yes sir please

    1. Anisa

      Sir can you upload the reduced book syllabus of urdu by punjab board

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    Sir plz post new Urdu boook

  26. Ahmer Hussain

    This work is from the old book sir can you pls put the work of new book that has been published now.

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    Can you post new nbf urdu book federal board notes

    1. Minahil

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  28. Fajar

    Sir please upload the grammer portion also.Especially stories.

  29. Nadeem

    Your notes is very easier then other

  30. Alee

    Reupload the Urdu notes because the book has changed. The National Book Foundation one if you can.

  31. Mahad Hassan

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    1. Amber khan

      Kindly upload new syllabus 9th

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      but i need new book 2022 because book change

  32. Author

    Iqtibas ki tashreeh will be added very soon.

  33. Maheen

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  36. (UNKNOWN)

    This website really is helpful but there is one lacking, that it should have all the content of every subject according to the newly released syllabus which students are asking for

  37. Maheen Shahood

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  38. Munir Khalid

    Nazam 5????

    1. i dont have a name

      Nazam 5 dont exist

  39. Hassaan

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  48. Hafsa Gul

    You have shared an athantic notes in your website. Thanxs so much.
    Regards:Hafsa Gul

  49. Mudassar Idris Rana

    Sir I need multan board patran notes for complete slaybas

  50. Amir butt

    Why there is no questions of nazam for 9th class ?😭

  51. Shireen

    Please add nazam gazal questions answer

  52. 박지연!

    Can you please also add makhiz of following chapters?

  53. Jibran Kayani

    Please add new syllabus of urdu class 9. New book is from 2023, National Book Foundation As Federal Textbook Board, Islamabad.😤😖😫😦😭🤕🤒😬😠😡👿🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    1. Hassan

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  57. M.Saud Shuraim

    nine ki 4th nazam ab tulu e islam hai ritten by ilama muhhamad iqbal

  58. Rohaan khan

    Dear Sir,
    can you please make notes of the new course named {national book foundation,wafaqi text board (Islamabad)}i will be greatly thankfull to you sir and kindly plzz upload these notes as soon as you can.
    Bye Bye

  59. Inshrah

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    plz upload markazi khayal of nazam barsat ki baharein

  61. Suleman

    Islamabad board urdu book chapters are not here 😑
    Not even a single one
    I wanted the summary of some chapters 😪
    Tomorrow is my send up exam of full book
    Very disappointing 😞

  62. Neo

    Your syllabus is very old.I humbly request you to change the syllabus and plz provide us with the latest notes…

    Thanking you in advance.

  63. Ghazi Abbas Shah

    These notes are very helpful being outclass.

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