Ghazal 1 – Hasti Apni Habab Ki Si Hai
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  1. Adil

    I need your notes

  2. Ayesha Siddiqa

    Kia mashq nhi h?

  3. Aniqa

    Where is chptrs exercise….😳🤦

  4. M faiq

    Nai ha

  5. Muskan

    Please post exercise

    1. Madiha Rashid

      Please post exercise also ☺️

  6. nasir

    thanks thanks thanks😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤩

  7. mansab

    question answer to upload karan plz🙄

  8. Wasay

    Can we write tashreeh in our own words and get full marks in it.

  9. عبداللہ جان

    Bro plzzz add مہفوم and حوالہ متن
    In غزل

  10. Abdullah

    yes you can

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