Khulasa, Iqtibas, Exercise
Chapter 1 – Hijrat e Nabwi
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  1. Kissa Syed

    Please add a option to download these notes please

    1. Alisha

      You can take a screenshot if it’s needed

      1. Author

        No, you can download it easily.

        1. Hafiza musfirra

          How it can b download??there z no any download option pls

          1. Hashir

            See the top right upper corner of the 1st page you will find a arrow,tap on it,the file open in drive then you will find three dots in google drive top right upper corner,tap on it,scroll down,tap on ‘download’ option,then go to files,documents and open file in pdf

  2. 9th class notes

    You did a great job. It is so good

  3. hassan


  4. Adeel

    Your effort is nice
    But I want tashreeh of all paragraphs with quotations

  5. Hassan

    ya author absolutely right

  6. Hassan

    easily download notes

  7. Haram

    U can download it easily by clicking the three dots on the right corner click them and there would be an option to download it!!!

    1. All chapters

      Answer questions


    i just wanna ask that are these answers correct tomorrow I have exam of urdu and according to fbise the answers are different please tell me are these answers correct

  9. Fakiha saeed

    Please add a option to download these notes

  10. Fakiha saeed

    Your website is very nice

  11. ali raza

    Good Notes For Test Prepration.

  12. Arshia Intzar

    Superb Good job
    These are really helpful to me

  13. Fakhar Zaman

    Please post tashreeh as well.

    1. Author

      very soon.

  14. Syed Fakhar

    This website is the no. 1 website ❤️🙂

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