Nazam 1 – Hamd
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  1. Omama Noor

    These notes are really useful.

  2. Ahmad

    These notes really come in handy.

  3. Huda malik

    Its good notes

    1. Muntaha Noor

      where are the question and answers of this hamad???

  4. Snapy

    Good oye all problem solved

  5. Userunknown

    Good they’re really helpful

    1. Roshna gull


      1. Amna

        Thankful to you for those helpful notes

  6. attia

    osum notes, really help make study easy

  7. Roshna gull

    These are very useful in exams gd bless u

  8. Hamna

    Very useful
    Best app for notes i have ever used
    Love it

  9. Anas


    1. anonymous


  10. Hamail nouman

    These notes are really very good and informative

  11. moona

    This is very useful in exams

  12. Aaima

    I need question answers

  13. Furqi

    No question answers?plz add them it will be really helpful

  14. Fatima

    This is very useful in exams
    This is very informative

  15. Zahra naqvii

    this notes Really really helpful

  16. Mehak

    Please also share khulasa

  17. hooria

    these notes really saved by drowning day
    really helpful for preperation.

  18. pubg

    there is no grammer work
    but its ok

  19. Tasmeer Adnan

    Premium kinda notes but I’m from fbise

  20. Miss Khan

    Want markazi khayal as well

  21. Legend


  22. Ahmed

    Brother 2021 ki nazam no 1 رب کءنات upload Karo

  23. Shanzey Fatima

    Khulasa plzz share

  24. Anousha

    Please apload nazam rab-e-kainat

  25. Tayyab

    Oh sawal kithe ne pai jaan

  26. Mind freezer

    Mazzza nai aya

  27. Ahmed Hashim

    No question answers?plz add them it will be really helpful

  28. Ahmed Hashim

    Please add Q/A, because there is no Q/A.

  29. warda

    please add Q/A

  30. Amber

    Where are the q/ans of hamd??

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