Nazam 2 – Naat
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  1. Safoora


  2. Harris Awan

    Khilasa b upload kero na

    1. Author

      It is already included.

  3. Sagar

    This helped me a lot

  4. Fatima Tuz Zahra

    It is very useful and good. Thank you very much.

  5. Suleman Saqib

    They are brilliant who make these notes

  6. Rida

    No words to describe these notes these are Aaaaawweeeeesome…

  7. Pakistan Air Force Lover

    Very detailed notes…I was in search of this detail for the poem.
    My comments: Fantastic!!

  8. HRC


  9. Avenger

    These notes are so good
    I don’t have urdu book
    And i have a test Tomorrow. Thank you for these notes.
    These notes are helping me alot.

  10. Amina Atan

    This website is just ossmm ..love it ..I don’t have words 2 describe my feelings..this is fantabulous 👌🏻

    1. Osmam

      My name is Osman u just missed 2 words
      “an” r the words to describe ur fellings

  11. Mubeen

    please upload Markazi khayal

    1. i dont have a name

      They have already posted murkazi khayal

  12. i dont have a name

    Great work

  13. i dont have a name

    The writer did a great job

  14. ...

    Plz alao upload the mafhoom of a shair .

  15. Ameer Minayi

    Very good bacho ap ne meri nazam bhi chaap rakhi ha

  16. Jawad Ahmad

    Thank you.


    Plz question answers also

  18. ninja leader

    Pls update these

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