Quadratic Equation – Exercise 1.1

Exercise 1.1

Unit 1 – Quadratic Equation

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  1. Rafi ullah

    why not my 10th class maths book open in my webpage

  2. arshian abbass

    Good ans but you also have to post solution of exercises of national foundation of primary and midle classes

    1. Naqeeb ur Rehman

      Nice notes this notes help me a lot

  3. Muhammad Ali

    V.good notes

  4. Hajra

    This helped me alot

    1. MOHIB

      Me to

    2. Talha Babar


  5. Umar

    Too bad ,i have short solutions

  6. Muhammad Wasif

    Same situation

  7. Sofi

    The concept that tell your question its so trick plzz dont solve the question directly plz tell us step by steP

  8. Mian Hassan

    These notes helped me a lot
    But I request you to make them more simpler and easier
    I mean…,,,,,,
    Please mention each step…

  9. M Sahir

    Bach benchers are here…Academy me sir ne samjhaya tha mgr mai chup k mobile istemaal kr rha tha…Sir ne HW diya aur bola k kal me 1.1 check krunga….mAI NE NHI KIYA….Academy jaa k, sir k aane se pehle is website se dekh k kr rha hun…Sir aayenge to dikha dunga…Very helpful for back benchers…

    1. Abuzre

      Oddly specific lol

  10. AliRaza

    This notes help me alot

  11. Muhammad Ahsan


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