Theory of Quadratic Equation – Exercise 2.1

Exercise 2.1

Unit 2 – Theory of Quadratic Equation

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  1. Muhammad Musab Zia

    Dear Sir
    please send PDF to save in system or mobile

    Muhammad Musab Zia

    1. M hunain

      How to download these notes


    AOA sir how can we save these paper in our pc

    1. Author

      download it.

        1. Waleed Ahmed

          Click on the arrow at the Top-Right Corner of the document.
          This will open the document in google drive.
          In a mobile, three vertical dots will be shown where you will be able to find “DOWNLOAD”. Click on that to download.
          In a PC, there will be a Downward Arrow at the Top-Right Corner. Click on that to download.


          1. Author


  3. Usman ullah

    Sir question no 10 2nd last step ma 2ca ana hai apne ca likha hai 2 miss h please correct it

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  4. Areej

    Thank you so much sir for these notes may allah bless you

  5. Faiqa Jamil

    The question 9 is wrong

    1. Author

      No, it is correct.

      1. Ibrahim

        No the question is x^2+(k+1/k)+4 but in the note the question x^2+(k+1/k)+3 therefore it is wrong

  6. Abdullah

    How can we download these pdf there is no option please guide me ..!

  7. Hussaan

    Q9 is wrong

    1. Muhammad Faizan

      U are wrong! Q9 is true.

      1. Ibrahim

        No. Value of C=3 in notes while value of C=4 in book.

  8. rauf

    its arrangement of formula not mistake correct question no .9

  9. Hafiz burhan

    Thnx sir ya note bana ka Liya in sa kafi help ho gati ha notes bhi easily bn jata han or samajh bhi a jati ha

  10. Muhammad Faizan

    Dear Sir
    please send PDF to save in system or mobile
    Muhammad Faizan

  11. Eshal

    So we will put 4 instead of 3 right??

  12. Shehryar zia

    Hello sir In Q9 you put wrong value please correct it

  13. Hammad Ali

    Sir idhar Q no 9 ki statement me 3 nahi 4 ana hai c ki value

    1. Author

      OK, Question is different.

  14. Abdullah

    Dear Sir, Please correct Q No. 09. In Book it is x2-2(k+1/k)x+4 While in your Notes it is x2-2(k+1/k)x+3 . Kindly check this question.

    1. Author

      Okay, we’ll check it.

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