Quadratic Equation – Exercise 1.4

Exercise 1.4

Unit 1 – Quadratic Equation

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  1. Hamna Sarfraz

    Very helpful to me

  2. Ayan

    THANK you really helpful….

    1. Anas Raza

      Ye Q11 me quardric formula ku Nahi use kia

      1. Muhammad Arif Hashmi

        Because it can be factorized easily without quadratic formula.

  3. Bazil Azim

    Very helpful for us THANK YOU


    Thank u so much.. allah jaza de

    1. Kanwal

      Kia ap ko solution show ho ra hai??

      1. Ibrahim asif

        Yes ho rha hai

      2. ItX_Qandeel


  5. eman

    its so helpful may Allah bless you

  6. ayesha

    It helped me alottt…ty

  7. Anfal yousaf

    It’s so helpful

  8. Arisha

    Question number 7 is written wrong, it’s √11-x – √6-x= √27-x

  9. Ahsan

    Its good

  10. Tehreem


  11. Unicorn

    It’s very helpful in maths work 😇Thanks a lot for making such great notes

  12. Humaira

    question no 7 mein signs ki mistake ki hai jis ki wajah se pura question ghalat hota hai please correct your mistake

    1. Author

      That is a different question.

  13. Maryam

    Question 7 ki checking may sign mistake hay. The solution set is { } (null)

  14. Ayesha

    It’s such an amazing website!
    very helpful.Thanks for your efforts😊

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    It’s so helpful and informative

    1. Aoun bro

      Aoa sir, can we install those helpfull notes into our shit brain?

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