Quadratic Equation – Exercise 1.4



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  1. Unicorn

    It’s very helpful in maths work 😇Thanks a lot for making such great notes

  2. Humaira

    question no 7 mein signs ki mistake ki hai jis ki wajah se pura question ghalat hota hai please correct your mistake

    1. Author

      That is a different question.

  3. Maryam

    Question 7 ki checking may sign mistake hay. The solution set is { } (null)

  4. Ayesha

    It’s such an amazing website!
    very helpful.Thanks for your efforts😊

  5. Fariha

    It’s so helpful and informative

    1. Aoun bro

      Aoa sir, can we install those helpfull notes into our shit brain?

  6. naziakanwal

    It’s very helpful 👍

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