Exercise 3.3
Unit 3 – Variations
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  1. Mirza Zaryab

    These notes are very helpful.

  2. vicky

    o bhai steps kyoun miss karty ho sara quoun miss kart ho

    1. Faaiz

      Bhai ab itna to smjhdar hojao missed steps ki smjh aa jaya kry. Normally ehi steps missed hoty hain jin me formula replacement hoti hai. Aap FORMULA REPLACEMENTS ki study karein phir apko smjh aa jaya krygi.

  3. Alifahad


  4. Angela David

    Awesome notes helping me alottt😎

  5. Sartaj Mano

    Great thx

    1. ali

      mention not

  6. Huria arif

    These are very helpful

  7. ayesha malik

    thanks for heping for notes

  8. amna

    this website solves out all my problem whenever i need help or any material related to my study first i open google then i search this website …..

  9. Wasif ali

    There is a problem in exercise 3.3(question:1, part;5). Please recheck it.

    1. ani

      yes you are right

  10. Abdullah

    Yeh Nah Hotey Tou Ma Fail Ho Jata 🤠

  11. nabeel

    mera 10 ma is website ki waja say 95% ayein hein

  12. Laiba

    These are very helpful in my studies and other students

  13. Ayesha

    There is a problem in 3.3

  14. Zanish

    This notes are good but some parts are missing.

  15. Ameen

    These notes make easier in every question and this is correct 💯

  16. Maryam

    Ya helpful hai .likin Kuch steps ki smaj nai ati kui ka ap steps miss karto ho. Plz sai Tarah all steps mention Kiya Kara taka easy ho karna ka Liya. By the way these notes are awesome

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