Exercise 3.3
Unit 3 – Variations
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  1. Mirza Zaryab

    These notes are very helpful.

  2. vicky

    o bhai steps kyoun miss karty ho sara quoun miss kart ho

  3. Alifahad


  4. Angela David

    Awesome notes helping me alottt😎

  5. Sartaj Mano

    Great thx

  6. Huria arif

    These are very helpful

  7. ayesha malik

    thanks for heping for notes

  8. amna

    this website solves out all my problem whenever i need help or any material related to my study first i open google then i search this website …..

  9. Wasif ali

    There is a problem in exercise 3.3(question:1, part;5). Please recheck it.

    1. ani

      yes you are right

  10. Abdullah

    Yeh Nah Hotey Tou Ma Fail Ho Jata 🤠

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