Exercise 3.4
Unit 3 – Variations
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  1. Qandeel

    Very good 👍
    Excellent notes🙌
    Thanks for helping students❤️

  2. Abdul Khaliq

    Very amazing and good method

  3. Abdullah Manzar

    Very informative. Helpful.good methods and best regards (Thank you)

  4. Mai ri

    Best notes
    Very nice but some mistakes in some questions

  5. A.R

    No page is showing on screen except the first one….
    Very bad experience 😠

  6. Sarahh

    i really appreciate these notes by your team…..it helps us a lot…..thank you so much!

  7. Zara

    Thank you sir for this it is very helpful 🫶🏻❤️.

  8. Army girl

    Thanks for helping us🥰🥰

  9. Muhammad Ahmad

    There is a mistake in 3.4 Question no. 1 ,part no. VIII 6th step
    Cutting of constants is not appropriate.

  10. Saman

    These notes are very helpful

  11. Atiullah

    Amazing notes thank for providing such a amazing notes .
    I download this app i recommend all students to download this app.if you once open then offline then it also paused and you will use by saving your data.
    But some time some exercise are not open . Please improving them

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