Matrices and Determinants – Exercise 1.5



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  1. Father

    question no. 6 last part missing

  2. zain sheikh

    last part?

    1. Fatima

      Yeh sir he is right

  3. Abu Huraira Jutt


  4. Muntiqa

    Ques 6 last part missing

    1. Author

      Ok, we’ll check it

  5. Anoushey

    excuse me sir/ mam i really need that last part of question 6 please can you add it . i would be really thankful

    1. Ali haseeb

      Yeah q:6 2nd last part Bhi last jesa ha

      1. Author

        Ok, We’ll Check.

        1. Faariah kamran

          Yes plz check it we really need last part of q6

          1. Abdul basit

            Yes faria u are right………

          2. Aijaz

            Yes u are right faria

    2. Tooba

      Exactly… v really need it 🥺

  6. Faheem

    Q. 6 Part (ii) still missing, why r u not replying?

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  7. Ali haseeb

    Last question is missing

    1. Author

      Ok, We’ll Check.

  8. Saba

    You have putted wrong value on question 4 part 2 of exercise 1.5-

    1. Author

      There is no mistake found in it.

  9. I do not give you my name.

    No, all are correct.

  10. auther


  11. Abdul basit

    Sir question no 6 part(ii) missing??????

  12. Kinza Malik

    Last part???

  13. aYeShA

    Where is last part of question 6 ???????

  14. aYeShA

    pak study ka syllabus new syllabus k according hai kia .

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