Matrices and Determinants – Exercise 1.5



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  1. Father

    question no. 6 last part missing

  2. zain sheikh

    last part?

  3. Abu Huraira Jutt


  4. Muntiqa

    Ques 6 last part missing

    1. Author

      Ok, we’ll check it

  5. Anoushey

    excuse me sir/ mam i really need that last part of question 6 please can you add it . i would be really thankful

    1. Ali haseeb

      Yeah q:6 2nd last part Bhi last jesa ha

      1. Author

        Ok, We’ll Check.

        1. Faariah kamran

          Yes plz check it we really need last part of q6

    2. Tooba

      Exactly… v really need it 🥺

  6. Faheem

    Q. 6 Part (ii) still missing, why r u not replying?

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  7. Ali haseeb

    Last question is missing

    1. Author

      Ok, We’ll Check.

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