Exercise 1.6
Chapter 1 – Matrices and Determinants
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    This websit is soo good and I want that they should also concentrate on class 10 notes

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      good job👏👏

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        Really really helpful
        Thank you for these notes


    it is not working right now time 09:09

    1. Author

      Reload the page. and wait few seconds.

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    Thanks sir for your help…….
    I am thanking you bcz you made these easy notes for us….
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    Really really really nice 👍🙂. very helpful

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    Why Intermediate level math is not solved on this website

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      thanks sir itz notes are very easy solution to solve all question itx amazing again thanks sir

      1. Hafiz

        It’s really helpful but few steps are out of understanding, these steps were solve when there is a teacher or a guider

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  14. Aayan

    Hello sir 1.6 q1 part 1 matrix inversion method me mistake ha plz correct this

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  15. Bilal khan

    Thanks sir really it’s very helpful ❤️

  16. Meerab

    Hi first thank you very much for these notes and there is a little mistake in Ex#1.6 part no 1 question no 1 the value of let A is wrong.Actually the value of A is 2 -2
    3 2
    But the value u let in A is 3 -2
    2 2
    But in next step u write the correct value.Thank you😊

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

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  18. Aqsa Tariq

    There is a mistake in question 1 part 4

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake.
      Thanks for the correction.

  19. Aqsa Tariq

    in inversion method

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    Nice working

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  24. Muhammad Usama Choudhery

    In question no:3 In Cramer’s Rule Value of X and Y is wrong Kindly correct it.

    1. Author

      Kindly give more detail of the mistake.

  25. TheUnknown

    Question no 1, part 2, in Cramer’s Method.
    Last step before finding value of y = 16/4.
    Which should be -16/4. Since |Aₓ| = -16
    The answer (-4) is correct.

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  26. Tooba

    Kia problems board ma ati hain????

    1. Hafiz Ahmed Abdullah

      Yes they can appear in MCQ’s

  27. Abdul Raheem

    There is a mistake in the six question of Crammer’s rule……..You did not put the value of Ay……..But this website is really really helpful. Thanks for your hardworking sir!

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  28. Ali

    Bro….he put the value of Ay later……i think u did not see that

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      ok, we’ll check it.

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  31. M.Shahzaib Asif

    Aoa sir/mam there is a mistake in 1.6 question 3 matrice inversion method the let values are wrong.kindly correct them🙂🙂

    1. Author

      Okay, we’ll check it.

  32. Amna bokhari

    How can we download these notes

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    Thank you so much for solutions it make student’s work easier 💜

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    It’s a really good and best website for all students all notes are clearly and step by step I am really satisfied with this app 😊😊

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    Exercise 1.6 Q.3 is not correct sol is correct but not question

  40. Afaq Ali

    There is a mistake in page part 3 invasion method in start

  41. Dawood tahur

    U have mustake of symbols in Q3 during finding invers..

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