Matrices and Determinants – Exercise 1.6



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  1. Tooba

    Kia problems board ma ati hain????

  2. TheUnknown

    Question no 1, part 2, in Cramer’s Method.
    Last step before finding value of y = 16/4.
    Which should be -16/4. Since |Aₓ| = -16
    The answer (-4) is correct.

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  3. Muhammad Usama Choudhery

    In question no:3 In Cramer’s Rule Value of X and Y is wrong Kindly correct it.

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll check it.

  4. Aleena

    Very helpful 👍👍

  5. abdulkareem

    good thanks very helpful

  6. Awais


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