Real and Complex Numbers – Exercise 2.4



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  1. Zainab Raza

    Exercise 2.4 ka Question no. 3 ka part 2 mein mistake ha…

    1. Author

      Thanks for reporting mistake. it is correct now.. old is (6^2)^2/3 …. correct one is (6^3)^2/3.

  2. osama hamid

    Assakamualaikum. q.3 ke part 3 me 5 raise to the power 2 aur phir 3 he to 8 kis tarha agya 6 ana chahe plz explain

    1. Author

      Waliakum-o-Asalam. “5^(2^3) = 5^8” , solution is correct. cuz, 2^3 = 8.

    2. Arfan

      2^3 = 2x2x2=8

      1. Tayyab

        Sir please check Question #1 part 4 is 4n
        Not 4m please correct it

        1. Author

          ok, we’ll check it

    3. Hania Shah

      Raise to the power ka matlab us number se multiply krwana nhi he jese 2³ me 2×3 nhi ayega balke cube liya jayega
      2×2×2 jo k 8 k equal Hoga

      1. Author

        ok, we’ll check it.

  3. Aimen Tahir

    Osama Hamid
    Os part main hum 2 ka cube lain gain oski wjah sey 8 Aya hai

  4. hammad

    Thank u brother!
    may ALLAH bless u…
    it was really helpful
    especially boring Math…….

    1. Queen Saba

      OMG OMG HOW DARE YOU CALL MATH BORING!?!?!? Ahhhh. U dont even know math thats why

      1. Unknown king

        Yes I agree with you

        1. M.Haris

          There’s a mistake in question no 1Part no 4 (In second step)
          There’s written 4m instead of 4n

          1. Author

            ok, we’ll check it

    2. Arfan

      Math is not boring …. Just treat it as a Game and you will explore the world.

  5. Ayesha

    Thank you
    It helps very much.
    But you should explain it with formulas in written form.

  6. Farhan Kayani

    It’s really helpful.

  7. Muneeb

    It’s mistake in your website math exersice no 2.4 Q1Part3 step no 5 mistake)(x-6) (y2)-3 (y)-4is not true right step is (x-6) (y2) (z-4) it is
    true step (z-4)

    1. Author

      Ok, We’ll Check.

    2. Arfan

      The solution is ok . Here the question is to understand the addition and subtraction of power. So the rule ” X^0 = 1 ” will not be implement here.

      1. Author

        Okay, we’ll check it.

  8. Aisha

    It helped me

  9. Amna

    There is a mistake in question 2 step 6 in which you have written X power a2-b2+b2-a2+c2-a2
    Correct step is a2-b2+b2-c2+c2-a2

    1. Author

      Okay, its a typing mistake. We’ll correct it.

  10. Ali Affan

    Umm… the q1 part(iv), how diiiidd u do the (3-1) thing in step 4
    Plz guide.

  11. Misha

    Thank u so much sir

  12. Misha

    Thank u so much sir for this pdf notes

  13. Muhammad Umair

    There is a writing mistake in Q1 part 4 step2 (4m) correct is (4n)

    1. Author

      OK, we’ll check it.

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