Real and Complex Numbers – Exercise 2.5



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  1. sami ullah

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  3. Farhan

    Last question is right

  4. komal khan 8A

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  5. Saneha

    Assalam u alaikum .mujhe Qno 1 ke part 3 ki samjh nahi ayi aap ka ans 1 araha hai lekin maine calculator mai jab (-1)6 likha tu answer -1 aya.

    1. Noman mughal

      (-1)(-1) +1 hota ha ap calculator Mai -1 ki power 6 dal KR dekhen 1 a jae ga

    2. Shahzaib

      Ary saneha -1 . -1 +1 hota hai agar power positive ho to to answer se minus hat jata hai

  6. Bilal Khan

    Nice brother…. I proud of your hardworking…

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