Logarithms – Exercise 3.4



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  1. M.hamza

    It’s very easy method to solve question

  2. Sulaha

    They are good but I have a little confusion in part 5 of Qs no 1 in the ending steps before taking the antilog

    1. Sunaina

      Log x is negative so when will you take anti log of that number the answer will be in the form power like

      (1234 × 10^ any number ) in this form
      So to write accurate answer we will subtract the number greather that of characteristic
      And when we do something in math we must cancel it too so that’s why subtract and add that number

      In ch 4 in completing square questions we do the same thing we add and subtract the number we have added in the question to complete the square

      I hope you have got it

      1. Shahzad shafi

        nice job

    2. Husnain


    3. Arfan

      I think That question is having some mistakes. I am doing only incorrect part. Just check and let me know is it ok for all…?
      = 0.0899 + ( -0.1565) – ( -2.1249) – (3.1065)
      = 0.0899 – 0.1565 + 2.1249 – 3.1065
      = – 1.0482

      1. Author

        There is no mistake found in it.

  3. Rabia bint-e-Qaim

    It’s good to helping me out in exams .🙂👌

  4. Umair Ahmad

    Good mathematics



  6. izza amir

    very good helps a lot

  7. Qandeel Akmal

    Helpful in this #Covid situation veery much thanjs to the author appreciating your work

  8. M Junaid

    very helpfull

  9. arham

    nice bro i was just confused by this doneby them

  10. AbdulRehman

    hey thanks authour your notes are the best and the help me alot

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