Exercise 3.4
Unit 3 – Logarithms
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  1. M.hamza

    It’s very easy method to solve question

  2. Sulaha

    They are good but I have a little confusion in part 5 of Qs no 1 in the ending steps before taking the antilog

    1. Sunaina

      Log x is negative so when will you take anti log of that number the answer will be in the form power like

      (1234 × 10^ any number ) in this form
      So to write accurate answer we will subtract the number greather that of characteristic
      And when we do something in math we must cancel it too so that’s why subtract and add that number

      In ch 4 in completing square questions we do the same thing we add and subtract the number we have added in the question to complete the square

      I hope you have got it

      1. Shahzad shafi

        nice job

    2. Husnain


    3. Arfan

      I think That question is having some mistakes. I am doing only incorrect part. Just check and let me know is it ok for all…?
      = 0.0899 + ( -0.1565) – ( -2.1249) – (3.1065)
      = 0.0899 – 0.1565 + 2.1249 – 3.1065
      = – 1.0482

      1. Author

        There is no mistake found in it.

        1. Ayesha

          There is mistake in Q.03 you have write there -q/10(0.6990) but in the second step you wrote -q(0.6996) this is a mistake but I have corrected it in my copy

          1. Author

            There is no mistake found in it. 10 goes to left and multiply with it.

  3. Rabia bint-e-Qaim

    It’s good to helping me out in exams .🙂👌

  4. Umair Ahmad

    Good mathematics



  6. izza amir

    very good helps a lot

  7. Qandeel Akmal

    Helpful in this #Covid situation veery much thanjs to the author appreciating your work

  8. M Junaid

    very helpfull

  9. arham

    nice bro i was just confused by this doneby them

  10. AbdulRehman

    hey thanks authour your notes are the best and the help me alot

  11. Ayesha

    there is a mistake in Q NO 03 in last steps please check it.

    1. Author

      There is no mistake found in it.
      Kindly mention the mistake.

  12. Epic Mateen

    There’s a little mistake in Q1 part vi (6)
    log x=-1+1-0.2056
    log x=-1+79144 👈 this is wrong step
    log x= 1.7944
    Next step and answer is correct but that one is mistake

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  13. Riqza Sajid

    Gud ….help me a lot

  14. Shams uddin

    Not at all

  15. Hafsa kiran




  17. Tooba Shaheen

    There is a mistake of the numbers in question no 1 part 8 in last 4 rows.

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  18. Jibran Imran Kayani

    Bhai ap nai Q1 kay parts kay answers kay steps zyada tar 2 2 times same steps likhay hai jis ki waja say answer bohot long hogia hai. Kindly correct it.

    1. Suhaib nawaz

      Math is my favourite subject and i like it🤘

  19. James Steward

    This website is helpless and enemy of
    students. How will students learn to take logarithm of the value in future. They only copy from website and write in their neat registers. What will they do in examinations. Anyways, agar yai website na hoti toh mai ajj fail hota😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  20. syeda ruhab

    in Q no 1 part 2 we had to find antilog of 0.999 and the ans given by calculator is 9.977 and the ans you have written is 1.259 can you please tell me what am i doing wrong in the question ?

  21. Haider

    There’s a mistake in Q#1 Vii
    You didn’t put “Log” in “taking log on both sides”

    1. Author

      Okay, we’ll check it.

  22. Ayesha:)

    This website is sooo good

  23. Hassan

    There is a problem in Q1 part 5 in log of 1.23 it is written 0.8999 while it is 0.0899

    1. Organizer

      ok, we’ll check it.

  24. Hadia yar Ali 😇🌈

    Literally I am preparing for my per
    Board exams and this website is helping me a lot .
    Thank you author for doing hard work for
    us .
    May God bless you .🙂

  25. Areej Iqbal

    this is very helpful website i appriciate this

  26. Unknown

    Tomorrow my exam but l’m happy 😁 because I love 💓 math.

    Yahoo ✨

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