Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas – Exercise 4.1

Exercise 4.1

Unit 4 – Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas

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  1. Maryam

    Ap ke khuch questions me mistake he jesa ke
    Ex 4.1 ke part 4 Evalute wala is ke part b ke question me mistake he ap ne question me y ki value wrong likhi he or dusri part no 5 ke first question ki hi value wrong he 15 ana he or ap ne 5 likha he 😓

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

    2. Author

      Thanks for reporting mistakes. We have make corrections in Question 4 and 5.

      1. Javeria Taj

        There is still a mistake in question no 6 part 4
        There is a symbol mistake.
        Please pay attention.

        1. Author

          Q6 (4) is okay. No mistake.

    3. Irfan


  2. Kashaf

    Thank you very much.. Your helping key is very useful❤❤

    1. Warda


  3. Ayesha

    Great work

    1. Muhammad Noman

      Yes it is very helpful app for 9th class students but some issues occurring please author again check it and shall be correct it Thanks

  4. Hadia

    Not all questions are here e.g qno6 5part

    1. Abdullah nawaz

      No it is in the page no 5

    2. Author

      Q6 (v) has been added.

  5. noor


  6. Yahya

    Really helped me in my board exams preparations Keep it Up Nice work

  7. Musawir

    Good work man but still it is too lengthy even they contains less marks
    But thanks for this notes

  8. HuSsAiN

    Q 4 b part question me value wrong he y square nai cube hai

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  9. numayl

    nice it is very useful for my board exams and test series

  10. numayl

    nice it is very useful

  11. M.Faraz khan

    Very very useful easy method every step 😗😍

    1. Shahzaib

      Well your website is great but can you make an app for this work
      Cuz it is very hard first open our browser then search website then do work
      So pls make a app

  12. Oswa zainab

    Its very helpfull keep going thank u so much

  13. Math doer

    This solution e-book is very handy.
    Keep up the good work

    I always use this as a help

  14. AhSaN NaWaB

    Hello kese hai ap

  15. Wasif Shuja

    Q no 3 ke part no vii ke step 3 me ap 64 ke saath x likha bhol gaye hain

    1. Author

      I’ve corrected the mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  16. Wali


  17. Backbencher

    Its very helpful for homework given by sir ismail


    Great notes💖

  19. Hina

    Hi i have a doubt in exercise 4.1 Qno3 (iii) part please can anyone tell me that how has 4xy cutted please tell me anyone🥺

    1. Faisal

      There is +2xy-4xy

    2. Abdulrehman

      Assalamualaikum Hina 4xy ko minus Kia hai 2xy k saath jbhi to -2xy Aya hai

  20. Abdul Rehman

    plzz urdu ma Maths ka notes plzz

  21. ali

    nice work

  22. Fawad

    A very helpful and informative website for students and teachers.

  23. maryam

    iska answer 1 hai lekin is main kuch or hai

    1. maryam

      its correct

  24. Rayyan

    math sucks ngl

  25. Sameer


  26. Musab Akhtar

    There is a problem in Q3 part 1

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