Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas – Exercise 4.2



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  1. Abdullah nawaz

    nice aap for 9th class student i am grateful to who make this aap.. Thanks alot very much again and again.

  2. M. Usama

    Please review question no 10 is the formula is correct?

    1. Author

      yes. it is correct .

    2. Momina Bashir

      Jazakallah Allah bless you and your family 💝💝

      1. Shahzaib

        Sir Q#15 ka question wrong likha hai
        See that please

        1. Author

          OK thank you, we’ll correct it.

  3. Happy happy


  4. Ali

    Your website is outstanding
    Keep it up
    This is so help ful for me
    Thankyou so much for this notes

  5. King 👑

    Make latest version

    1. ather ummad khan

      yes please

    2. Ehsan

      Love this website…has the correct and easy answers…great work…Appreciated!!

    3. UmmeHani

      I am very thankful to the person who made those notes. May Allah bless you.

  6. usman

    here is a mistake in question 5

    1. usman

      the value of z square not putted

      1. Author

        I’ve corrected the mistake.
        Thanks for the correction.

      2. annonymous

        3rd form of put is stil put

    2. Op

      In q14 part 3 in last step it it is (6square -6square ) it’s written six square 12 but six square is 36 not 12 pls check

      1. Author

        There is no q14 part 3.

  7. ather ummad khan

    very good website vey very good Allah may bless you

  8. Abdullah jutt

    thanks a lot dear it is very help full for me again thanks

  9. M T Alam

    Goods service for students and others.

  10. Vjvf

    Mistake in q12 while substituting values in formula
    Is it copyright free

    1. Author

      There is no mistake found in it.

  11. Ahmad Arslan

    it is the best website.And the questions given here are very helpful and usefull methods for students.I recomened all students to join tihs website.

  12. Areeba

    There’s a mistake in question 3 second last step too

    1. Author

      There is no mistake found in it.

      1. Haiqa

        There is a mistake in Q9. The value of xy is given as 6 so put 3(6) rather than 3(5x)(6y)

        1. Author

          No, it is correct, first putting the value of x and y.. after then put the value of xy. no problem in that question.

  13. Shahzaib

    Can u type **BY PUTTING VALUES** before putting values pls it would be helpful for us

  14. Jazib irfan

    There is a problem in Q3 The given value is mn+np+mp but you written mn+np+np so kindly correct that mistake.Good notes and thankyou.

    1. Author

      Okay, its a small typing mistake. We’ll correct it.

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