Exercise 9.2
Unit 9 – Introduction To Coordinate Geometry
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  1. Maheen Shahood

    Aoa. There is a request. Can u guys plz make Pakistan studies new notes as per the new book? Kindly plz look into it!

    1. Author


    2. Ahmed

      And biology as well

  2. Saad


  3. Laiba

    easy and good notes for 9th class students. 👌💫👍

    1. Saad Asîf


  4. Qandeel Akmal

    These notes are really helpful.

    1. Essa khan

      Videos are available for 9th maths

  5. Chaggu

    Very useful

  6. Hamid

    Is notes ma ap na kuch questions ka step nahi kiya

    1. Warda Ata

      Yes they have done these questions with short steps

      1. Izza

        Aoa .I have a request. Plzz make new notes of New Islamiat book and alquran book also ..🥺

  7. Ahmed

    These notes are very good excellent for class 9th.They really helped me for my test.

  8. Saad

    thank you

  9. Hafsah

    These are useful. Thanks alot

  10. Laiba ulfat

    Very useful ❤❤

  11. M Usman

    its very helpful

  12. ishmal ahmed

    Really helpful notes

    1. Man of peace

      Q5 is wrong

      1. Author

        There is no mistake found in it.
        Kindly mention the mistake.

        1. No one

          yeah, u are right the solution was going well until and unless the last step came it was like (kuch bhi…… mtlb kisi bhi tarha ans le aye).

  13. ishmal ahmed

    Thanks for this notes

  14. Pinkie pie

    These notes are too helpful May God bless you


    It needed to be solved by the DISTANCE FORMULA.

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