Introduction To Coordinate Geometry – Exercise 9.3



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  1. Syeda Avianna Zahra

    Very Helpful!
    Much Appreciated 😊

    1. shaya munir


    2. M.Bilal

      JazakAallah Khairan kaseera ❤️
      It help a lot in my studies
      Allah AP ko r kamyabi atta kre r jazai Khair atta farmaye (AMEEN) It help a lot 👍❤️💗

  2. Noor Cheema

    Excellent job👍👍 helpful working

  3. Haris

    much helpfull

  4. shaya munir

    It’s helping a lot in studies and it is like a key book of maths.

  5. Sbsbjdj

    Thank you for this..really helped!!

    1. sudais

      very helpfull notes. good

  6. Ahsan kahn

    It help a lot

  7. talha

    I never complete my notes in class , this is very helpfull

  8. Naeema Anwer

    It helped me alot. But their are some composing mistakes of signs.

  9. Annas Asif awan

    it is very helpful for me.. Thanks!

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  11. Ammad Arjummand

    Very helpful in my home assignment and also to understand

  12. Ammad Arjummand

    I just completed my homework just because of it

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