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Class 12 Mr. Chips


1) He had been there more than a decade. ( دہائی)

(a) 5 years                (b) 15 years                 (c) 10 years                 (d) 20 years

2) Chips would sing out in that jerky high pitched voice. ( لڑکھڑاتی)

(a) shaky                  (b) weak                      (c) chirpy                     (d) low

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3) Rarely did he read more than a page ( بہت کم)

(a) scarcely              (b) always                   (c) many times             (d) sometimes

4) More like a mystic intensifying of perception. ( روحانی)

(a) spiritual              (b) master                    (c) teacher                   (d) doctor

5) Merivale would say shipping a glass of sherry when he called every fortnight. ( دو ہفتے کا عرصہ)

(a) 4 weeks               (b) 2 weeks                 (c) one week                (d) 3 weeks

6) His chest— it puts a strain on his hear. ( بوجھ)

(a) spring                  (b) stress                     (c) medicine                (d) bondage

7) Nothing really wrong with him only annodomini. ( بڑھاپا)

(a) germ                    (b) disease                   (c) virus                       (d) advanced age

8) Taken to the exhibition a toddling ( چھوٹا بچہ)

(a) pretty                  (b) weak                      (c) little                        (d) ugly

9) Not many people still alive could boast a thing like that. ( غرور کرنا)

(a) like                      (b) claim                      (c) have                       (d) see

10) A phenomenon that was. ( غیر معمولی بات کرشمہ)

(a) event                   (b) table                       (c) scene                      (d) picture

11) Because he had been ragged there a good deal. (تھکا ماندہ)

(a) liked                    (b) paid                       (c) teased                    (d) disliked

12) He remember that day of his preliminary ( ابتدائی)

(a) written                (b) first                        (c) oral                         (d) final

13) One of the Barnhurst boys a chubby little fellow, made a brilliant century. ( موٹا تازہ)

(a) little                    (b) plump                    (c) weak                      (d) tall

14) Queer that a thing like that should stay in the memory so clearly. ( انوکھی)

(a) nice                     (b) strange                  (c) bad                         (d) excellent

15) Whetherby himself was very fatherly and courteous ( خوش اخلاق)

(a) polite                   (b) strict                      (c) old                          (d) weak

16) I am probably the only man in the world who has a vivid recollection of old Whetherby. ( صاف)

(a) vague                  (b) clear                      (c) obscure                   (d) livid

17) Give your enthusiasm to Brookfield. ( جوش)

(a) zeal                     (b) knowledge             (c) lectures                   (d) books

18) He remembered that first tremendous ordeal of taking prep. آزمائش)

(a) glimpse               (b) occasion                 (c) trial                        (d) day

19) Big hall full of lusty ( ہٹے کٹے)

(a) weak                   (b) energetic               (c) tall                          (d) white

20) At the mercy of 500 unprincipled ruffians. ( بدمعاش)

(a) students              (b) boys                       (c) bullies                    (d) officers

21) That had still a good deal of sprightliness. ( جوش)

(a) bravery                (b) liveliness                (c) timidness                (d) accent

22) Decent little beggars individually, but as a mob ( ہجوم)

(a) student                (b) party                      (c) crowd                    (d) player

23) The scowl he assumed cover his inward nervousness. (تیوری)

(a) noise                   (b) furs                        (c) confusion               (d) frown

24) The last blood red rays slanting in slabs. ( جھکا ہوا)

(a) raining                 (b) angling                  (c) showering              (d) blessing


25) Across the road behind a rampart of ancient elms lay Brookfield. ( دیوار)

(a) memory               (b) wall                        (c) relic                        (d) Fort

26) Russet, under its autumn mantle of creeper. ( سرخی مائل)

(a) reddish green      (b) reddish blue           (c) reddish yellow       (d) reddish Brown

27) Then came the small dependent village and open fen ( دلدل)

(a) dry                      (b) green                      (c) wet land                (d) bushy

28) The school went up and down, dwindling almost to non-existence at one time. ( زوال پذیر ہونا)

(a) improving           (b) increasing              (c) decreasing             (d) reading

29) Becoming almost illustrious at another. ( مشہور)

(a) lighting               (b) obscure                  (c) famous                  (d) beautiful

30) Until mid-Victorian days, the school declined. ( زوال پذیر ہونا)

(a) improved            (b) increased               (c) denied                    (d) decreased

31) Whetherby who came in 1840, restored its fortunes. ( قسمت)

(a) building              (b) standard                (c) luck                        (d) students

32) Several notable families supported it. ( نمایاں)

(a) poor                    (b) known                   (c) weather                  (d) political

33) Snobbish people confessed that they rather thought they had heard of it. ( مغرور)

(a) arrogant             (b) rich                        (c) honest                   (d) sick

34) Not that he was boastful and conceited. ( مغرور)

(a) rich                     (b) proud                    (c) big headed                        (d) angry

35) His dream had been to get a headship eventually. ( آخرکار)

(a) luckily                 (b) incidentally            (c) finally                    (d) rarely

36) It was only gradually after repeated trials and failures, that he realized the inadequacy of his qualifications. ( مصیبت)

(a) chances               (b) applications           (c) attempts                 (d) examinations

37) He realized the inadequacy of his qualification. ( ناکافی ہونا)

(a) insufficiency      (b) failing                    (c) passing                   (d) excellence

38) Where he was began to fill a comfortable niche in his mind. ( خانہ)

(a) table                    (b) floor                       (c) place                      (d) Room

39) At 50 he was the doyen of the staff. ( رکن)

(a) senior member   (b) headmaster            (c) head                       (d) principal

40) They all shouted at that uproarious end of term dinner ( برشور)

(a) noisy                   (b) final                       (c) glorious                  (d) fine

41) An unguessed epilogue. ( آخر)

(a) last part              (b) first part                 (c) middle part            (d) news

42) An encore played to a tragic ( غمناک)

(a) enquiry                (b) repetition               (c) terrible                  (d) match

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