Chapter 11 – Sound

Exercise Questions

Chapter 11 – Sound

Exercise Numericals

Chapter 11 – Sound

Long Questions

Chapter 11 – Sound

Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 11 – Sound

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  1. raja iraj fatima

    thanks but need help in subject physics notes

  2. Faiza

    thanks for your effort .
    may Allah bless u all.

  3. fatima

    thank you so much these notes helped me alotttttttt

    1. Inoxent Wahab

      Sis mujhy physic note nhi mil rahay help me please

  4. laiqa

    these are does’nt includes exercise mcq

  5. Aleeza Zahoor

    Thanks Your notes is very helpful and easy

    1. MAHAD

      Sir pehla page k ilava koi b open nahi ho raha

  6. Taimoor

    This wedsite is soooo use full…by using this we can easily achieve 485+ marks in board exams

  7. ahmad irfan

    Noice website very helpful yuh doing great job

  8. I

    Conceptual q 11.8 is totally wrong please correct it because these are values are measured on logarithmic scale which can’t be simple added so answer is 53dB

    1. Author

      ok, we’ll check it.

  9. Khadija

    It would be helpful

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