Chapter 10 – Acid, Base and Salts

Chapter 10 – Acid, Base and Salts

Chapter 10 – Acid, Base and Salts

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  1. Unknown

    Where r ex. questions?

  2. emaan

    Thank you so much for all the notes.They are very helpful.
    May Allah Bless you with lots of happiness. Amin!


    Where r ex. Long questions plzz upload their answers too…..

  4. rajwar

    some mcqs have wrong answers plz correct them .

    1. Author

      kindly mention the mcqs.

  5. Huzaifa

    I can’t find long ques in this where are they

  6. Daniyal

    BC …. probably all Mcqs are wrong . since when the water isn’t amphoteric .

  7. Ahmad Ali

    Some questions have wrong answer’s..So be carefull!

  8. Sanan

    Where are Exercise long question upload ex long question answers

  9. Hassaan

    I cannot find exercise questions

  10. Balony

    Where are the self assessments????

  11. Sarah

    Self assessments and think tank???

  12. Waleed Ahmed

    Please add the Review Exercise Questions!

  13. AR

    these notes are helpful and about extensive question answers of exercise only wordings are changed and answers are same

  14. amna masood

    i cant find r ex can you plz tell me where they are plz tomorrow is my papaer pl

  15. Umer

    The answer of (Exercise) MCQ 12, 19 is wrong

  16. Umer

    Not only these 2 are wrong there is also some other mcqs that also wrong

  17. marii

    12,16,19 are wrong this will cause misconception in students:’/

    1. Author

      ok we’ll check it.

  18. marii


  19. AIMAN


  20. Eman iftikhar

    These are very helpful for the student

  21. Zero and seriously

    Mcq,s are wrong

  22. Arooj

    Some Answer of mcqs are WRONG

  23. Umar

    Please add test yourself question answers

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