Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry

Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry

Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry

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    very helpful notes

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    Amazingly awesome 😎

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    book ma sa ak question b ap na solve nahi kia please

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    You should also add written exercise long questions.Write or copy paste whatever you do please add them

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    Very helpful for me 💓🤗🤗

  7. Saad

    exercise MCQs. MCQ no. 5 ka option b answer he.

    1. Saad

      Sir aapke or bhi bohot se mcqs ghalat hain please check karen.

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    This is very helpful for preparation of exam 👍🏾📚😇

  9. Zohaib Sami

    Very helpful notes 👌👍🏾

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    I want answers of extensive questions please

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    I need SA exercises plz

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    i want think tank solved answers

  13. Mayumi

    Plz add self-assessments as well. It’s a hassle to go around and find each one on YouTube individually. Great work overall 👍🏼

  14. pathan

    some exercise mcqs have wrong answers so plz correct them

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