Click the link for test preparation: Class 9 Urdu Notes

Online Test Instructions

    • Test Name : 9th Urdu Full Book Online Test
    • Type : MCQ's
    • Total Questions : 15
    • Total Marks : 15
    • Time : 20 minutes

  • Questions will be shuffled each time you start the test.
  • Any question you have not answered will be marked incorrect.
  • Once you are finished, click the View Results button.

This quiz must be completed in 20 minutes.
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    This is very amazing notes

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    This app is great 👌.Many students can at once practice on it for the test or for examination even though I am not that much good in these subjects and I can’t understand that but through it I am improving myself

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    very well

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    amazing app

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    service of online test for pakstudy is missing

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    many correct MCQs are marked incorrect.

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    Good this app is a very amazing and service of online test for pakstudy is missing please add the pakstudy online test service

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    Plz mcqs of islamiyat and tarjma tul Quran..

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