Now, you are a intermediate student and you have an idea how a question paper will be and how will you prepare for it. Let’s discuss some important tips for preparing exams of mathematics subject. My first tip is: you should buy a rough register for doing the practice of mathematics solutions because the more practice you do, the more math will be easy for you. Let’s move forward to further tips. You should prepare chapters in a way that the arrangement of chapters is in the textbook. As a result, if you do any topic, you have all the idea of what is done in a question because everything will be gone through from you. And it will be easy to prepare it from our class 11 math notes.

Unit 1 – Number Systems
Unit 8 – Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem
Unit 9 – Fundamentals of Trigonometry
Unit 10 – Trigonometric Identities
Unit 11 – Trigonometric Functions and Their Graphs
Unit 13 – Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Unit 14 – Solutions of Trigonometric Equations

Furthermore, talking about the exercises of a chapter, you must prepare from the start of the chapter. And understand all the topic and formulas, and by applying that formulas or methods you will have to practice their example questions. Finally, move forward to the exercises. Practice every question of an exercise one by one and if you see a question has many similar parts then you can skip some of them and practice only those parts they are unique or a little bit tough for you. You can do all the exercise in this manner. I recommend you should do questions yourself and if you find any difficulty simply skim the solution from our class 11 math notes.

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    It helps a lot.

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    Great Job. Lot of help to the students who cannot afford academies.

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    Kindly give all Class 11 Punjab Board Notes.
    Your notes 9 and 10 are very helpful to me.
    Now i am in 1st year so give all 1st year notes of all subjects.
    Thank you for all the notes.

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    Plz add stat 1st year notes for Punjab text

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    From which board is the maths book …whose solution is given

    1. Author

      FBISE / Punjab Board

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        But in fbise we use kpk board book

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    What about kpk board

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    your notes are very helpful. Keep it up.

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    Best notes i have ever seen

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    Bhai Jaan exercise 5.4 Ka link 6.4 aur 6.5 ke darmiyan hai. Please fix.

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